Try This Simple Soak And Your Feet Will Thank You!

Most of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle and eat a poor diet that is slowly, but surely destroying our health. One of the worst affected body parts are our feet – they are subjected to a lot of wear and tear every second of the day, and wearing inappropriate footwear makes things even worse. Take high heels for example – they might look sexy, but they’re pretty uncomfortable and can harm your feet.

Sadly, we rarely pay much attention to the health of our feet. Wearing tight shoes and high heels can make your feet sweat more than the usual, which will result in fungal and bacterial infections that can ruin the health of your feet. And, although most people think that only pills can help in these cases, you should know that there are simpler ways of treating them.

Foot soaks are a great way of getting rid of all the bacteria on your feet and eliminating the infections. A nice warm foot soak can relax your feet and mind, and help you enjoy a night at home. Adding certain ingredients in the soaks such as Epsom salt will boost their efficiency and increase your iodine and magnesium levels, while helping extract all toxins from your body.

The foot soak recipe we have for you today is aimed at detoxifying your body and improving the health of your feet. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Olive oil
  • Epsom salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Mint tea
  • A bowl of water

Pour hot water in a bowl, then start adding the ingredients one by one. Mix well to dissolve them, then put your feet in the bath for 15 minutes. After you’re done, take a pumice stone and rub your feet with it in order to remove the dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth and soft.

Here are some of the health benefits of this soak:

Reduces stress and anxiety

If you want to relieve anxiety and stress, Epsom salt baths is the way to go. This type of salt is rich in magnesium which can relax your muscles and boost the function of several organs in the body.

Keeps you relaxed

The Epsom salt baths will stimulate certain reflex points on the feet. These points contain nerves on which the Epsom salt works, which will result in relaxation.

A great detox method

Finally, Epsom salt baths are a perfect detox method – they will extract all toxins from your body through your feet and help your organs function properly.

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