Incredible Benefits of Castor Oil and How to Use It When Mixed with Baking Soda

There is a comeback of natural remedies that treat cold, rash and severe ailments. Not only are the natural remedies a quick fix, but the recipes are shown to be effective in the treatment of many health conditions.

Even studies agree that the natural remedies are in some cases more efficient in comparison to the pharmaceutical medicines.

That kind of efficient natural recipe is the combination of castor oil and baking soda. These two ingredients individually are believed to have numerous medicinal properties and many benefits.

Castor Oil and Its Benefits

The baking soda is good in terms of treating acne, whitening teeth and removing blackheads. On the other hand, the castor oil helps reduce dark spots like the dark circles under the eyes, helps improve the circulation of the blood, etc.

1. Feet and Legs

You can use Castor oil to massage your feet and legs. And it will help you treat injured or tired ankles and remove the calcium deposits or cracks on the soles.

2. Addictions

Taking 2 drops on a daily basis can help reduce certain addictions such as smoking and alcohol.

3. Back

Castor oil helps ease the sore spots that are usually the reason behind most back aches.

4. Lips and Mouth

Apply castor oil directly on your mouth sores and treat them effectively.

5. Digestion and Stomach

You can use castor oil on the stomach in case you have the noisy or hyperactive stomach. And in the case of diarrhea, you can take orally two drops castor oil.

6. Eyes

You can also use castor oil to improve eyesight and treat cataracts. It is very simple, just put 1 drop of castor oil in both eyes, and do this before going to bed.

7. Allergies

To control the allergies you can consume around five drops castor oil on a daily basis.

8. Ears

With castor oil, you can treat tinnitus which is a symptom of ear infection where you feel booming or ringing sensation.

What you need to do is take from six to eight drops castor oil for 4 months. Also to improve your hearing, put 2 drops castor oil in the ears.

9. Sinus and Nose

Put castor oil on the stomach to lower or maybe stop snoring. You need to do this for around 14 days.

10. Vocals and Neck

You can massage your neck with castor oil and prevent a sore throat or rub it if you have a coarse voice.

11. Hair and Skin

You can minimize the appearance of stretch marks with 5 massage sessions in which you can use castor oil. You can have stronger roots, reduce the hair fall and stimulate the hair growth just by massaging the scalp with castor oil.

In order to have results, you need to massage your scalp 3 times per week. Use castor oil to get rid of warts, apply castor oil on them for a month.

Mixture of Baking Soda and Castor Oil and The Benefits

When you mix castor oil and baking soda, you end up with a natural and powerful remedy that may treat a number of health issues.

1. Fungal Infections

Treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot with this mixture. Simply massage the affected area.

2. Dark Spots

The mixture of castor oil and baking soda can help you get rid of blemishes, marks and dark spots on the face.

3. Bruises

This combination can help you treat skin injuries such as bruises, paper cuts, and burns. How does this work?

Well actually, the castor oil helps for the wound to close, while the baking soda fizzes out the dirt and bacteria.

4. Bug Bites

This mixture can provide you with some instant relief if you put it on those swelling and itchy bug bites.

DIY Compress Fusing Baking Soda and Castor Oil

Usually, the castor oil is used in hot compresses and as a massage oil. Here’s a recipe for hot compress that has therapeutic qualities of baking soda and castor oil:

The first thing you need to do is make a compress with the use of castor oil. To make this, you will need castor oil that is cold pressed, towel, a bottle of hot water, clean gauze or instead of that a cotton towel, and plastic wrap.

You can begin by cleaning the skin with the use of baking soda and then soak the gauze in castor oil. Then next thing you need to do is to put the gaze on your affected area, or if you want less numbness, better circulation, etc.

After that simply use the plastic foil to wrap that area. Take the hot water bottle and place it on top in order to warm the place. When you feel comfortable fasten it with the use of the towel.

Leave it like that for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes simply take off the layer and use baking soda to clean your skin.

Source Cure Joy | Natural Cures House

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