Free Yourself From Depression Forever By Applying These 10 Basic Principles

Depression is a serious is an extremely serious,  horrible health issue, and depressive people constantly struggle to find a way out.

Yet, even though it looks incredibly difficult or impossible, depression can be overcome, in a completely natural way. However, you need to read on to find 10 basic strategies to regain the control of your life.

1.You are the one that needs to change your life

Let’s be realistic, we are all victims in life in some way, so it is not an excuse to believe that your childhood was terrible, and you are completely ruined and cannot lead a normal life.

Living in chaos, and being a witness of daily violence leaves scars on all children, no matter how strong you are.  Some people face extreme sadness and pain later in life. Yet, what we all need to understand is that there is no use in crying over spilled milk, so stand up, and move on.

We all have our own story, but you should not obsess over it. Instead, try to deal with the past, if possible, and go on with life. Accept the responsibility that you need to face the issue and deal with it.

No matter how much people love you, you are the only one that can save you. This does not mean that you should find something to distract you from the pain, but find the root cause of your problems, and try to deal with it.

Young people often turn to money, sex, alcohol, drugs, partying, junk food, cigarettes, porn, social media, intimate relationships, gaming, and such, just to avoid the pain and depression. Yet, this just intensifies the problem, as running from it won’t solve it.

These will just fuel your anxiety and depression and distort the real everyday life. All they actually cause is a waste of time, and nothing more. Moreover, you might end up being even more anxious due to the drama in life.

You need to focus on some positive things in life and start healing your soul. The following list contains 9 positive outlets more that will help you fight depression and find happiness in life:

  1. Self-reflection

You need to understand your pain, trauma, and story, in order to be able to be able to fight it. Go deeper and deeper to find the root of your sadness and overcome your fears. You can also ask the help of a psychologist, life coach, or a hypnotherapist.

  1. Regular exercise

Exercising treats anxiety, pain, depression, and stress.  During the exercise, the brain releases chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which improve your mood and boost health. It will also promote neurogenesis at an accelerated rate.

  1. A healthy diet

There is a good saying that claims that every time we eat or drink something, we are either feeding disease or fighting it.

This explains the cravings for alcohol, junk foods, cigarettes, or drugs when you feel depressive. Yet, the moment you realize that a healthy diet can work miracles for your body, you will experience amazing improvements.

Apparently, most serotonin is produced in the stomach, not in the brain, so a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, can help you fight depression.

  1. Avoid toxic people and places

People around us have a huge impact on our mind and life, so if you are surrounded with people who gossip, criticize, and complain all the time, the chances are that you will grow more dissatisfied and negative than ever.

Therefore, you should stay away from such toxic people and places. On the contrary, if you spend your time with successful, smiling, and enthusiastic people, your mind will make a huge step towards positivity and personal happiness.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a way to silence your mind, and unplug from the rest of the world, in order to be able to hear your thoughts.

This will help you understand the toxic direction of your thoughts and beliefs, and it will raise your awareness of the issue, which is the first step toward your goals. Meditation will help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself, in order to fight depression.

  1. Motivational speakers

The voices around us can often be heard from inside us. Start listening to motivational speakers as they are full of positive spirit and deal with all kinds of issues in life.

This will turn you into the voice you listen to, you will become more positive, and stop being a naysayer and a doubter.

  1. Books

Reading offers new knowledge, which positively alters our brain, so start reading a lot of books. Moreover, people write about their problems too, so you can find relevant books, with guidelines, personal experiences, and advice that will develop your brain and problem-solving skills, and help you.

  1. Soothe your soul

There is no human being that does not enjoy kindness, justice, compassion, love, and happiness.

These things feed the soul and are unfortunately becoming rare in the modern world. This diseased society provokes feelings of shame, guilt, pain, and disgust, and we feel trapped and powerless to change it.

Yet, remember that deeply inside, your soul craves for positivity, happiness, peace, and kindness. If you are deeply empathic, ignoring this call will only make you depressive.

You need to find a way to soothe your soul, and contribute to society in order to make a positive change.

  1. Stick to a routine

You need to incorporate these strategies into your daily routine in order to reap their benefits. Read daily, exercise regularly, consume healthy foods every day, meditate, and all we suggested it would be helpful above.

Stick to this routine because even though you will feel the improvements almost immediately, it takes time to fight this frightful disease. You can write down your routine and thus track your improvements and changes.

Over time, you will become stronger and full of energy, and your mind will no longer waste its power on negativity, but it will focus on things that bring joy and happiness, and thus achieve your goals in life.

Remember, you can start moving mountains by carrying small stones.


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