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5 Exercises for Woman Over 40 to Reverse the Aging Process

The body goes through drastic changes with age. As a matter of fact, a woman’s body at 40 can be completely different from the one she had at 20 years old.

However, if you’re over 40 years old there is one thing you should do, and that is not to ignore the changes. You can still lower the aging effects, maintain bone density, stay in great shape and increase your muscle mass.

How? Well, with the proper fitness routines and exercise, mainly lifting weights and strength-training. Nowadays, more and more women over 40 embrace strength-training as a tool to stay fit.

However, most of these women don’t do their training correctly, and it gets difficult as they grow older. If you’re still not convinced that you should choose strength training, maybe the following reasons will help you make your mind.

Benefits of Strength Training

The benefits of regular strength-training are improved bone density and muscle strength and an increase of the tone and muscle size. All benefits above mentioned are vital for older women since they have increased risk for brittle bones and osteoporosis.

Adding muscle will boost your metabolism which is excellent since the metabolism tends to slow down over the years. Moreover, lifting weight can help improve your psychological health by increasing confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

According to some studies, strength training might improve your intellectual productivity and capacity. Physical exercise helps the blood get to the brain, and that helps keep your mind sharp.

Last but not least, many women over 40 seem to feel more tired and get less sleep. For these issues, strength-training can help.

As a matter of fact, strength-training has been linked to restful nights and improved sleep. And we are all aware that sleep is vital for feeling and looking young.

Careful with Bootcamps

You should bear in mind that strength training for women who are over 40 is actually different from the usual workouts.

As the candles on the cake increase, our bodies are less capable of holding up to the rigors of jumping and running, particularly on the bones and joints.

When it comes to boot camp, they are highly competitive with high-impact movements which might lead to back pain, strains, and sore knees.

In case you’re in good shape and have no joint issue, then you should opt for hardcore boot camp. On the other hand, in case you have joint issues, bad knees and sore hips you should choose more gentle and isolated movements.

Resistance Training at Home

Below you will find out more about how to do resistance training at home. You should know that these exercises are incredibly beneficial at any age for women who choose to stay youthful and fit.

Your age shouldn’t hold you back from doing what is best for you and your body. Start this strength-training and reverse the aging process.

Top 5 Exercise for Women Over 40

Exercise #1  – Squats

#2 Exercise – Lunge

Exercise #3 Straight Leg Raises

#4 Exercise – Planks

Exercise #5 Burpees

Once you see results, for sure these exercises will become your addiction. Remember, you’ve got what it takes.

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