How to Make Ginger Press to Get Rid of Rheumatic Problems and Other Pains

One of the healthiest and most beneficial foods is ginger. It has many advantages, one of them being that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. In China, people have been using it as a pain killer for thousands of years.

Also, by increasing blood flow, ginger is good for relieving muscle soreness, headaches, and arthritis.

If you want or need to use ginger for its benefits, there are many ways. You can add it to meals or make a ginger juice and consume it every morning. Probably, you do not know about the ginger press we are about to tell you in this article.

Benefits of Ginger Press

The ginger press is a natural way to cure and calm pains that are the result of sore muscles, swollen veins, sprains, and rheumatism. And, how to know if the cure works?

It will give you a burning feeling on the skin, and you will feel the relief of the pain. The ingredients you need to make this cure are the following.


  • a root of ginger
  • two tablespoons of sea salt
  • four cloves of garlic

How to Make It

At first, crush the ginger. Then, take off the skin of the garlic cloves. Use pestle and mortar, and mix the three ingredients in a container, till you get a nice mixture. Take a piece of clean plastic film.

Carefully place the mixture in the plastic film, and put it on the place that hurts you. You can use tape to make sure it will not fall off.

A bandage is a good choice if you want to secure the powdered mixture, even if you are not active during the day. Leave the ginger press take its effect for six hours.

Anyway, it is not recommended to use the ginger press on open wounds, but for pains.

Mother Nature gave us a great gift. It consists of twelve compounds good for fighting against inflammations, even that caused by the Coz-2 enzyme. Ginger can be effective like drugs, as ibuprofen or aspirin, but with no side effects.

Source Steth News | Healthy Tips World

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