10 Foot Exercises for Quickly Relieving Any Back, Hip and Knee Pain!

Most of us have had to deal with back pain at some point in our lives.

In some cases, it’s more serious since it can become chronic and not a day goes by without dealing with those bothersome pains.

The triggers can vary, from improper standing or sitting to different body postures.

Luckily, in this article, we’ve provided you with 10 simple foot exercises which will do wonders in relieving not only your back pain but also any hip and knee pain as well!

If you do them regularly enough, you are bound to notice a difference.

Additionally, these exercises, other than offering much-needed pain relief, will also improve one’s posture and balance.

Why the Feet?

Your feet are very important since they control your entire body posture, balance and even certain pains.

In other words, we should thank them for our movement throughout each day – they have a hard burden to carry.

So, it only makes sense that taking proper care of them will also optimize your body’s health as well.

The sad fact is, as we age our feet also deteriorate and it becomes harder and harder for them to withstand our entire weight and work properly.

But if you work out regularly, you are improving your blood flow and strengthening your muscles, which in turn hinders any balance problems you might have as you grow older.

Your balance has to do with your body posture, after all. It involves the proper alignment of your muscles and bones which keep you upright.

A study conducted on this subject showed that women who wear high heels have a much greater chance of experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis.

But not to constantly look at the gloomy side, here are the 10 exercises we promised.

1. Toe: Pressing

Before doing any exercises (they don’t have to be feet related), one needs to warm up their toes. You heard us.

If you press your toes, you are improving your blood flow and relaxing your feet at the same time. All you have to do is stand, slightly bend your knees, and use your toes to grasp the ground.

Now, just stay in this position for three seconds. For best results, and for maintaining the strength of your toes, do this exercise three times a day.

2. Toe: Walking

This exercise makes you walk like a ballerina for about 20 seconds. What this does is strengthen your toes, ligaments, and muscles for you.

Best to do this exercise in a series of five times, twice a day. Of course, with small pauses in between.

And don’t fret if at first, you need to hold on to walls for support – your balance will improve over time. Practice makes perfect!

3. Ankle: Circles

This is bound to relieve any ankle, knee and hip pain you might have. You see, pain in these areas is the result of improper body posture.

What you need to do is lie on your back and bend the legs in an upward motion. Now, just stretch one of the legs above the body.

Proceed by rotating the ankle in a clockwise manner for about ten seconds, before doing the same only counterclockwise.

Now just repeat the whole process with your other ankle. Best to repeat this two times per day.

4. Resistance: Band

For this exercise, as the title suggests, you will need one band.

Start off by sitting on the floor with your legs placed in front.

Now wrap one side of the band around a bedpost or chair and the other side around the top of your feet.

Now just slide back from your sitting position until there is some tension. Proceed by flexing your foot backward and holding it in that position for 5 seconds.

Now just release and repeat this exercise 10 times.

5. Toe: Pencil Grasp

The exercise is very easy to do, and the title says it all: all you do is grasp a pencil using your toes and hold it for 10 seconds.

A quick and simple exercise like this one can be performed practically anywhere. Best to do it two to three times a week, five times per foot.

6. Foot: Massaging

You may have heard of this technique: take a tennis ball and move it across your foot, with the starting position being under the second toe.

Do this for about one to three minutes, then repeat with the other foot.

7. Heel Tendons: Stretching

Stand beside a wall. Now proceed by placing one leg in front of you and bending your knee just a little.

Move the hips towards the wall, but make sure to also keep both of your heels on the ground. Now just hold it like this for 30 seconds, and rest for another 30.

Now just repeat once more with the same leg, before moving on and repeating the whole process with the next one.

8. Toe: Stretching

Your starting position is a sitting one. Your left leg should be on your right thigh.

Now proceed by grabbing your toes using your right hand and shaking them as you would someone’s hand as a greeting.

Now just stretch the toes for ten seconds to the side. Repeat twice more, then do the same with the other foot.

9. Heels

Start off by sitting on the floor with one leg in an outstretched position in front of you. The other leg should be under your thigh.

Now proceed by bending forward and grabbing your toes, making slow movements and pressing them in opposite directions.

Do this for about 30 seconds, then repeat the whole process with your other leg. Best to do it twice for each.

10. Toes and Legs: Upward Stretch

Start off on your back and proceed by stretching the legs in front of you.

Now lift one of your legs high with the help of a towel, and, straightening the knee, slowly pull it towards your head.

Just make sure not to exaggerate as you don’t want to injure yourself. Stay like that for about twenty to thirty seconds then repeat the whole process again.

Then do the same with your other leg.

There you have it, dear readers.

And keep in mind, if you seem to constantly be suffering from any hip, knee or back pain, best to first consult with your physician before doing any exercises.

And if you happen to find the ones given above too hard to do, there are plenty of others you can look up which is less strenuous for you.

Lastly, here’s a video of these exercises which will clear up any confusion you might have about doing them properly.

Source: The Hearty Soul | Non-Stop Healthy

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