Extraordinary Collagen Facial Mask To Rejuvenate Your Face And Neckline Quickly!

Apply collagen facial mask on the skin is a guarantee of anti-aging effect and facial rejuvenation. If you apply a mask of hydrolyzed collagen on the face and neckline, it will penetrate correctly through the skin and you will increase the elasticity and turgor, thus reducing the wrinkles that appear with advancing age.

In this article you can see the recipe for a magnificent mask, which you can make at home. It is very easy to do and very economical, but it is very very effective. Try it and the results will enchant you.


-1 egg white,
-some dried egg membranes (how to make the membranes you can see in the video below),
-1 tablespoon of rice flour.

How to make the collagen facial mask:

1.Grind the membranes.
2.Beat the egg white a little.
3.Mix the white and the membranes and let stand for 5 minutes.
4.Add the rice flour and mix well.

How to use the collagen facial mask:

-Clean the skin of the face and décolleté and apply the mask.
-Leave on until completely dry. Eye! While the mask works, you better be lying down and not talking, not laughing, my facial muscles moving. Yes, it’s a bit difficult, but it’s worth it. Relax and rejuvenate !!
-Pull the mask with warm water.

You can make this mask twice a week and notice that your wrinkles disappear.

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