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16 Warning Signs You Need to Drink More Water

Is it really surprising that one cannot survive without water more than a few days? After all, it makes up about 2/3 of our body weight. Each and every cell, tissue or organ we possess depends on water. Water has an important role to play in many ways, such as:

  • It helps in maintaining the balance of body fluids
  • It maintains and regulates one’s body temperature
  • It lubricates one’s eyes and joints
  • It protects one’s spinal cord, joints, and tissues
  • It helps in the removal of toxins and waste products from the body
  • It aids in digestion
  • It helps in controlling the intake of calories
  • It helps the skin look youthful and healthy

To put it simply, without water our bodies would fail in their proper functioning. Which is why it is so crucial to stay well-hydrated at all times. You can do this by drinking sufficient amounts of water and consuming foods high in water content.

There are times when our bodies lose more water than usual. This can occur during multiple scenarios, such as excessive perspiration, diarrhea, diabetes, vigorous physical activities, vomiting and frequent urination.

This can cause an electrolyte imbalance in one’s body, which in turn leads to dehydration and an improperly functioning system. Many people fail to realize the root of their troubles is their water deficiency. We’d like to present you with 16 warning signs which show your body needs more water.

1. Lightheadedness/Headaches

This is one possible sign, as dehydration can cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded. It may also be the underlying reason for that splitting headache of yours. One main sign of dizziness is getting up too fast and feeling faint.

As for the migraine problem, this is because lack of water reduces the oxygen and blood flow to our brains. This may also result in cognitive function impairment and brain fog. So next time you feel a headache coming on, instead of reaching for a pill straight away, try drinking an entire glass of water. If

If the headache happens to stem from dehydration, it will disappear soon. Additionally, mood swings may also be a symptom of feeling dehydrated.

2. Dry Mouth + Bad Breath

The explanation for this is that with insufficient amounts of water, one’s body also produces less saliva. Our saliva contains antibacterial properties, and not enough of it causes a bacterial overgrowth in our mouths. This is the source of bad breath (halitosis), at least most of the time.

As for the dry mouth, it’s only logical. Water works as a natural lubricant. Meaning, it keeps our mucous membranes moist in our throats, thus hindering a dry mouth.

3. Dry Skin

While we’re on the ‘dry due to lack of water category’, our biggest organ also suffers from dehydration. As a matter of fact, dry skin can be one of the first warning signs that you are dehydrated. After all, the less water you consume, the less you sweat.

And trust us, as unappealing as it sounds, you want to sweat. This is a natural process which helps wash away the excess oil and dirt which have accumulated throughout your day. Moreover, if you are prone to any skin breakouts, it might just be a sign you need to up your water intake.

4. Dry Eyes

And yet another organ (in this case, organs) which needs sufficient amounts of water to stay well lubricated: our eyes. A lack thereof can lead to bloodshot, overly dry eyes. The thing is, without enough water in our bodies, our tear ducts dry up.

And for those of you which are thinking it’s not a big deal if you can’t cry, you’re not looking at the whole picture. Overly dry eyes and a lack of tears can cause damage to your eyes which is much worse, particularly for those of you who happen to wear eye contacts.

5. You Stay Sick for Longer Periods

That’s right. The explanation behind it is that by constantly drinking water, you are making sure to flush out all the toxins which have accumulated in your body. What’s worse, in a dehydrated body, one’s organs begin to pull water from stored places, like our blood, which causes a whole new set of issues.

6. Reduced Urination

Did you know that if you are not taking 4-7 restroom breaks a day, it may very well mean you are not drinking as much water as you should be. Another indication of a dehydrated system is if your urine is dark instead of light in color.

A light and clear yellow means the perfect urine. Anything other could indicate a problem, a lack of water intake being one of them. In some cases, severe dehydration could even lead to UTIs (urinary tract infections), in which case you should immediately consult with your doctor.

7. Constipation

Staying properly hydrated also lubricates our digestive system. In case we are dehydrated, our colon uses up all the water which should have been used by our intestines during the next step of the normal digestive process.

Let us not get into the nasty little details and just say that a lack of lubricant in your intestines is by no means good news. We’ll let your imagination do the rest.

8. Other Digestive Issues

We already spoke about constipation, as well as the fact that the mucus in our throat and mouth needs sufficient water to function properly. Well, guess what? This rule applies to our entire digestive system as well!

If we are not hydrated well enough, the strength and amount of mucous in the stomach lessen, which allows the stomach acid to do real damage to one’s insides. This causes something which is more commonly known as heartburn or indigestion.

9. A Decrease in Muscle Mass

You may have already heard that your muscles are also mostly comprised of water. So it’s only natural that the less water you drink, the less your muscle mass will be. Keeping well hydrated before, during and after any workout is not only more comfortable, but also makes the exercise routine easier.

Further help water can offer you is that it can decrease your chances of muscle soreness and inflammation, which are commonly the result of weight-lifting and rigorous exercise.

10. Muscle Pain

While we’re on the connection between your muscles and water, you should know that staying dehydrated also contributes to sore and aching muscles. A depletion of water supplies through sweating can cause one’s muscles to contract, which in turn leads to painful and annoying cramps.

Make sure never to go exercising without proper water supplies. It’s not like you want to feel pain everywhere after your sweating sessions, right?

11. Joint Pain

Another fun fact for you: Our muscles and cartilage are made up of 80% water! This is absolutely necessary for making sure our bones don’t grind against each other with every single step we take.

Additionally, by keeping your body well hydrated, you are ensuring that your joints absorb the shock of any sudden movements, such as jumping, running, or awkwardly falling.

12. Feeling Lethargic and Fatigued

This is also a possible sign of a dehydrated body. Insufficient amounts of water may result in low blood pressure, as well as an inadequate supply of oxygen throughout our system. This includes our brain. This lack of oxygen more often than not leads to fatigue, lethargy, and sleepiness.

Moreover, when one’s body is dehydrated, it has to work much harder in order to ensure the proper circulation of one’s blood. Same goes for breathing and transporting nutrients. And all this energy we spend makes us feel more tired much quicker.

Keeping energized and alert also means maintaining one’s hydration, always keep that in mind, dear readers.

13. Premature Aging

Another useful bit of information you should know is that the amount of water your body retains will naturally decrease the more you age. Which means that as we get older, we should drink more water. And while premature aging is much more obvious on the outside, it’s not like it spares our insides either.

The damage it does becomes more and more apparent as time goes by. Which simply leads to one conclusion: if you don’t want to run your body raw, increase your water intake as you age.

14. You Feel Hungry All the Time

One peculiar thing about our bodies is that they can mistake strong thirst for hunger. Such a misread sign can lead to constant hunger pangs and late-night cravings. If one is eating to satisfy real hunger, then all is well.

But if we keep on eating instead of doing what we really need (drinking water), it will lead to excess calories and quick weight gain. Which will bring a whole barrel of new health problems to deal with.

Without solving the problem, mind you, as no matter how much we eat we will still feel thirsty, and the process will start all over again. So next time you feel puckish, try drinking water to see if that was what your body was really trying to tell you.

15. Heart Palpitations

Just like any other muscle, our hearts are also mostly made up of water. You can guess what it means when insufficient water is a constant problem. Dehydration causes changes in one’s electrolyte concentrations as well as reductions in blood flow.

This can lead to the heart’s timing being affected, which ends up in abnormalities in the beating pattern. Dehydration also causes a reduction in one’s plasma volume, which makes one’s blood more viscous. This can only further increase one’s heart rate.

Accelerated heart palpitations may lead to panic and anxiety attacks. If you notice your heart beating quicker than usual, try slowly drinking some water. If the problem remains, never hesitate to consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

16. Heatstroke

Last but not least, there is the danger of heatstroke. Look at it this way: our sweat is, for the most part, made up of water. We already mentioned that a state of dehydration could lead to a lack of sweat. Which means it has the strong possibility of rapidly overheating, and this makes us susceptible to heatstroke.

As you can see, it’s a whole chain of events which all stem from one main problem: lack of water.


Who knew something so simply may be the cause of so many health issues and that staying hydrated could keep such issues at bay? Always make sure to stay well hydrated and healthy, dear readers.

Source: Top 10 Home Remedies | Life Hack | Boldsky

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