Find Out Which Positions Can Cause You Orthopedic Problems

Sometimes we can perform movements or take certain positions, which can affect our health without realizing it, that is why we will be talking about certain positions that can cause you orthopedic problems so that you are aware of it and avoid them, so you will be taking care of your body to have a higher quality of life.

It is important that you be aware of the positions that can cause orthopedic Problems, among which we have, the position “W”, this position, which we usually perform when we are sitting on the floor can cause destruction of the rotation points of our hip, this is a very common position in children and should be avoided as it may.

Orthopedic problems, discover what are the main causes

Many times we adopt positions that can cause serious orthopedic problems, know what these positions are and avoid them at all costs.

Here are some positions you should avoid if you do not want to have orthopedic problems:

-The W position; as already said this customary posture can cause wear at the points of rotation of our hip and can also cause problems with the cervical.

-When you make sudden movements while playing, a rectification of the cervical can be caused, which can be very painful.

-The strong impacts to the cervical can cause many damages, because the cervical is the support of the head and is responsible for the senses of taste, smell, and hearing, among other things, the reason why we must avoid unnecessary impacts in her to the maximum.

-The repetitive physical works can be modifying the column, little by little.

Exercises to improve our orthopedic problems:

Exercise for the reprogramming of hip reflexes

This exercise is recommended to do while driving and is waiting for the stoplight to change or when sitting under a table, it is very simple and try to push the steering wheel or table up as if you wanted to lift the table or the steering wheel.

The repetitions of this exercise should be short and with a gentle intensity, such as small shots, contracted and rested and should be done between 30 or 40 repetitions, this exercise allows a drag of the iliac and lumbar forward and is recommended for pathologies associated with an imbalance in the static of the pelvis.

Cervical Rectification

This exercise that we will mention below will allow aligning the cervical, when you have a cervical rectification is because it loses the natural curvature that owns the cervical at the height of our neck, to perform exercises that allow us to solve the orthopedic problems that we may have is necessary Placing our backs against a wall, to make cervical autoelongación, is to try to touch the wall with the neck with the chin towards the chest.

Another exercise is with the help of an elastic band, and we must place the band on the head and holding it with our hands we press upwards, this will help to correct our posture and strengthen the neck and back muscles.

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