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2 Anticancer Allies To Include In Your Diet: Garlic and Onion

Several investigations have been conducted to determine whether garlic and onion contain some element that helps prevent cancer. Although the studies are not determinant already evidences the benefits of these two vegetables.

The US National Cancer Institute recognizes that garlic and onion can not completely prevent cancer from getting cancer, but it also claims that these vegetables may have anti-cancer properties that are being studied more accurately.

Garlic and onion: anticancer allies. Garlic and onion belong to the Allium class, which is characterized by containing sulfur. These elements that are practically not missing in any dish apparently can also act to protect us from cancer.

However, studies still can not determine the number of the active ingredients of these vegetables that we should consume so that they could have a significant effect on cancer prevention. However, if it has been possible to relate its consumption with a lower incidence of the stomach cancers, and colorectal.

What can we say about the medicinal compounds of garlic and onion?

After studying these foods, scientists have come to the following conclusions:

-Both garlic and onions contain phenolics, flavonoids and favorable phytochemicals, such as sulfur.

-Additionally, garlic contains arginine, oligosaccharides and selenium, components that have proven to be very beneficial to health.

-The oncologists who have studied them conclude that garlic and onion can prevent many gastrointestinal diseases.

-The quercetin contained in these two vegetables is one of the most powerful compounds to reduce the appearance of cancer cells. In fact, studies are currently underway to isolate this component and to develop experimental drugs.

Sulfur: powerful agent

As we mentioned, garlic and onion have a high sulfur content. This mineral inhibits the formation of substances that are highly carcinogenic such as nitrosamines and heterocyclic amines.

In addition, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory power of this component is known, when controlling infections and inflammations, it can delay the appearance of this disease.

Recommendations for consumption of garlic and onion as cancer prevention

-When consuming onion, prefer the purple onion, since it contains higher quercetin index than the onion.

-Try to consume the raw onions and combined with other vegetables.

-About garlic, we recommend consuming a clove of garlic on an empty stomach. It is better than consuming vitamins. By doing so, you will notice the long-term effects.

-If you are going to cook the garlic, we suggest splitting it or crushing it a little and let it stand for about five minutes before cooking it, in order to conserve its properties. In this way, alliin and quercetin present in the garlic go out and are boosted by adding them to the food.

-Some people may not properly digest raw garlic and onion. If that is your case, take the onion, pepper it and let it soak for an hour in lukewarm water, in order to expel the most irritating sulfuric substances.

-In the case of garlic, if you can not digest it raw, we suggest you try reducing the dose until your body tolerates it..a

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