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Replace Your Hour’s Worth of Workout with a Pinch of Turmeric

Due to the beneficial properties for your cardio-vascular system, turmeric has the same effects as a good workout session.Medical experts are not very keen to going deeper into the benefits of turmeric, but studies have already shown that turmeric is indeed very good for your health.

Due to the presence of the polyphenol curcuma, turmeric can improve your heart function. Thus, it decreases the risk of a heart attack by half, especially after bypass surgery.

A study has been conducted involving 32 women, in the period between menopause and post menopause. They were divided into three control groups, namely: a group that consumed turmeric, a group that worked out and a group that did nothing. The main focus of the study were elasticity, function and health of the blood vessels. They widened the scope of the study to examine the lining of the endothelium of the vessels and the connection to atherosclerosis.

The group that was consuming turmeric, had 150mg of it daily without other changes in diet and lifestyle.

The group that had been working out, did aerobic exercises 3 times a week, also cardio exercises like walking or cycling.

The study was concluded in 8 weeks. These above mentioned groups had very good results since both the turmeric and the exercise were great for the blood vessels.


This can work both ways. It will motivate people to either consume more turmeric in their diet, or increase the level of workout. It is believed that turmeric can be useful in the treatment of as much as 600 health issues. Still, turmeric can’t completely replace a good workout exercise. For best results, you should combine the two together.

Another study has been conducted as well, this one on the effect turmeric has on working out and stress tolerance. The study was conducted on women in post menopause period that are suffering from heart issues. The results have shown that working out combined with turmeric is very effective in reducing ventricular issues. Heart hypertrophy is caused by the overload in the left ventricular where the aortic valve and hypertension are.

Turmeric is also good for inflammations reduction and pain relieving after working out.

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