Do Not Touch These 7 Body Parts With Bare Hands! Here Is Why!

The risk of disease increases if you wear jewelry or have long nails, which are well-known collectors of impurities.Therefore, these body parts should be touched very carefully.
Research shows that hands are the most common carriers of bacteria, because of which we might develop some kind of disease. Even if you regularly wash your hands, we touch numerous different surfaces with our hands, thus putting our overall health at risk.

1. Face

Touching your face with your bare hands should minimize or limit to the morning wash, make-up and spread on creams.
When you touch dirty surfaces and then put your fingers on your face, you are increasing the risk of getting a skin infection.

2. Cochlear

By pushing fingers or some kind of sticks in your ear you are putting the health of your ear canal in danger. “The skin on the body is very thin and prone to inflammation,” US otolaryngologist John K. Niparko.

The doctor saiysthat frequent itching in the ears can cause a number of medical conditions that require treatment. Therefore, if you feel frequent itching in your ears, it would be best if you visited a medical professional, than to accept some of the DIY ideas.

3. Eyes

You should be touching your eyes only when you are putting contact lenses on, or removing pieces of dirt. Besides these reasonable grounds to avoid touching pushing the fingers or rubbing your eyes.

“Touching the eyes can cause redness or serious infection,” warns oftalmolog Kimberly Kokerham.

Do you suffer from dry eyes, itching, or other discomforts associated with this body part better call a doctor, rather than trying to solve these problems on your own.

4. Oral cavity

A recent British study found that people put fingers in mouth over 20 times within an hour, when bored at work. A study published in the journal

“Journal of Applied Microbiology” found that one third of all infections in the body are developed exactly in this particular way.

5. Nasal Cavity

Stop digging into your nose! People who have a habit of pushing fingers into the nasal cavity are 51 percent more likely to have bacteria

“Staphylococcus aureus”. These data are published in the journal “Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology” in 2006.

6. The area under the nails

Experts advise that nails should be short, since the skin under the nail is very sensitive part of the body that is collecting and retaining dangerous bacteria.

The risk is higher if you do not regularly clean this part of the body or make it an inappropriate way – pushing the other hand nails or sharp objects into the sensitive skin of the nail. For short nails on the other side, it would be enough just to brush them.

7. Butt

Wiping with toilet paper after completion of bowel and washing of the body is a maximum of contact that should be given your butt.

The area around the anus contains bacteria that can potentially be harmful to health, warns Dr. Jared C. Klein from the medical center in Harborview.

After any contact with this body part, hands should be washed.

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