Boiling Watermelon Seeds Will Give You Shocking Results

These types of seeds, will be filled with diet fibers which are essential intended for the normal working of the digestive tract and can assist in therapeutic organisms in the digestive tract. They are valuable in treating inflammations and hepatitis also.

An additional beneficial house of melon seeds may be the presence of citrulline, that may become a great antioxidant, promoting the multiplication of arteries thus. They bring results when dealing with hypertension also, impotence problems, angina and arteriosclerosis.

Any difficulty . watermelon seeds are extremely essential and useful in the treating kidney illnesses and Liūl?. Consuming tea, made from fresh seeds appears to reduce stone and sand existence in the kidneys.

For optimum outcomes, when working with watermelon seed products, they have to become cooked, baked or grinded.


You will need about 30 seeds from a watermelon, boil them in two liters of water for about 15 minutes and then grind them. This should be enough for about two days’ supply of the medicine. On the third day you should pause and stop drinking this medicine.

Do this for a few weeks, but don’t forget the pause on the third day.


We already stated above that these seeds are incredibly valuable because of the content of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties. In order to receive the best health benefits from these seeds they should be chewed before swallowing so that the nutritional value is extracted. Here are some other health benefits from the seeds of a watermelon.

  • Heart diseases prevention

Because they are rich in magnesium, they act as a protector of your heart and enable its normal functioning. They also regulate blood pressure levels and improve the metabolism. This is how they prevent hypertension and also protect us from suffering from heart diseases.

  •  Aging prevention

As mentioned above, the seeds are also rich in antioxidants which act as a stopper to the aging process and strengthen the skin, keeping it healthier and younger looking.

  • Acne cleaning

To clean your skin from acne you need oil made from these seeds. Just dip a cotton ball in the oil and then rub it on to your skin. It can be used as a cleaner and also it removes the dead cells from the skin surface.

  • Hair strengthening

Due to the high content of protein and amino acids, these seeds are a great natural remedy for hair strengthening. Along with this, if you roast the seeds it will help you make your hair shiner because of the presence of copper which improves melanin production, thus giving your hair better color.

  • Scalp treatment

The oil made from the seeds has a mild texture which makes it perfect for the treatment of dry, itchy or dandruff scalps.

  • Healthy hair

Because the seeds contain fatty acids they can be great for preventing damage to the hair.

  • Regulating blood pressure levels and preventing heart diseases

Due to the presence of arginine, watermelon seeds are very helpful in the multiplication of blood vessels. This actually regulates blood pressure levels and helps prevent heart diseases. Because heart diseases are mostly caused by the narrowing of blood vessels and thus blocked blood flow, this is a perfect natural way to prevent them. These seeds also contain amino acids, such as: lysine and tryptophan which are also very beneficial.

  • Improving your immune system

Among the many beneficial properties of these seeds is also the high content of magnesium. The usual magnesium source are foods such as: rice, oat, wheat or cocoa powder. Magnesium is imperative for maintaining your immune system. The lack of magnesium can bring about heart diseases, muscle spasms, diabetes and other health conditions. This is why, keeping the magnesium intake in check by adding watermelon seeds to your diet is important for your health.

  • Preventing beriberi by balancing vitamin B6 intake

Beriberi is a health condition brought about by the lack of vitamin B6. Vitamin b6 is a vitamin which helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. This is very important for creating neurotransmitters.

  • Amino acids intake

Lysine and argnine are two very important amino acids which are crucial for the body to function the proper way. Lysine helps bodily functions by enhancing your metabolism. Argnine, on the other hand helps the process of assimilating calcium, which is important for the bones and tissues. It is also said that these acids are incredibly beneficial for your sexual health.

  • Supplying the body with healthy fats

It is said that around 80% of the full fat content in these seeds are the so called unsaturated fats, which are the healthier version of fats and are also aided by the presence of omega 3 fatty acids. This means that taking these seeds will increase the energy level in your body without the extra calories. One cup of dry watermelon seeds per day amounts for one half of the recommended daily fat intake.

  • Keeping your nails and hair healthy

Because of the relatively high content of protein in these seeds, they are a great natural remedy that will keep your nails long and strong and also your hair shiny and healthy. The specific complex of proteins is aided by the presence of amino acids which are necessary for healthy and strong nails and shiny and full hair.

  • A great source of magnesium

Maintaining bodily functions to their best levels is brought about by the magnesium intake. Because these seeds are a great source of magnesium, they are a perfect natural solution to keeping your bodily functions to the highest levels. This will balance your blood pressure level, as well as prevent heart diseases. By aiding the metabolic processes in your body it can also help in the regulation of blood sugar levels, thus preventing diabetes.

  • Curing Swelling issues

This condition of retaining the excess fluids in your body or tissues can be easily solved by making a simple recipe with dry and grounded watermelon seeds. Just add one tsp of the seeds and one tsp of honey into a cup of warm water and drink immediately, twice a day.

  •  Male fertility improvement

By including these seeds in your everyday dietary habits you should be able to boost potency in males. It is believed that the presence of the antioxidant lycopene makes these seeds are incredible natural and effective way to improve fertility.

  • Speeding up recovery

These seeds can be used for speeding up the recovery process after and illness. The positive effects are visible within a few days of usage. It is believed to be especially helpful for memory loss, and it can help in the recovery of the memory within short amounts of time.

  • Diabetes treatment

Balancing your blood sugar levels is important, and if you can do it naturally it’s even better. One handful of the seeds boiled for 45 minutes in one liter of water it the perfect homemade remedy for this. Drink this every day, the whole liter of water.

  • Skin moisturizing

Due to the presence of healthy fatty acids in the seeds of a watermelon, they are an ideal natural remedy for skin conditions. They can help in the prevention of acne, dry skin and also improve the firmness of the skin. They can be used locally or internally for better results.

  • Improving hair color

As mentioned before, these seeds contain copper, which is essential for the production of melanin in the body. By promoting melanin production, they are great for hair color and also skin color improvement.

  • Improving hair quality

Using the oil produced from the seeds of a watermelon you can fight against hair breakage. Because, these seeds are rich in healthy fatty acids, they work incredibly to increase the strength of your hair and thus prevent its breaking and damaging. For best results you should combine this oil with carrier oil and massage your scalp with it at least one a week.

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