Take a Look at your Tongue and find out if Everything is Right with you and your Health!

Our body constantly sends signals when something is wrong and does not work like it should be functioning, but none of us really knows how to recognize these problems.The tongue is no exception. You can easily understand what is going on with your body just by looking at the color and the texture of your tongue. All you need to do is pay close attention to it. Stick out your tongue in front of a mirror and find out which of the following nine symptoms you have:


Pink tongue looking like a strawberry:

This condition is a sign that you are not consuming the needed amount of vitamins. This condition appears specifically with the patient with vitamin B12 deficiency. This might also be a result of over consumption of hot foods or foods in which you used too much spices, and lack of consumption of fluids.

Brown Deposits On Your Tongue:

This condition looks just like it sounds – bad, and it can show that you are not taking enough care of your oral cavity, frequently smoking or you are consuming too much black tea or coffee. Take some more care for your oral cavity.

White Deposits On Your Tongue:

This condition oftentimes is narrowly connected to the early signs of candida in your body. We would recommend you consulting a specialist doctor immediately!


Burning sensation in the middle of the tongue – This condition in particular should not be left untreated!

Small White Spots On Your Tongue:

If these spots are appearing and disappear in a few weeks, a doctor appointment is a must!

Red Spots And Blisters:

This kind of condition is a clear and serious sign that your body is suffering some kind of a serious illness, and you are going to have to instantly consult a doctor!

Burning Sensation In The Middle Of The Tongue:

Often it occurs due to hormonal imbalance, especially with women after menopause.
This problem could be solved by a doctor. This may also be a reaction to inappropriate toothpaste.

Small Bumps:

This is neither unusual nor dangerous. If you feel pain, then there is nothing that you should be worrying about – it is just the case of a different anatomy.

Painful Ulcers

This painful condition is a sign of stomatitis – a disease from which 20% of adults are suffering because of lowering of the immune system and stress. It should disappear after 2 weeks, but it would not be a bad idea to consult a doctor.

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